About Blockchain BTM. Inc

BlockchainBTM, Inc. owns a digital network of Blockchain Teller Machines (BTMs) with physical locations. We will complement this framework by offering a virtual BTM to support our legacy platform. We currently offer the purchase of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Our locations will ultimately provide all suitable consumers and businesses the opportunity to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrency, utility tokens and other digital assets securely and conveniently, anytime, anywhere and on any device. These additional products and services will be available to retail and wholesale markets as the regulatory environment permits, as liquidity and adoption rates improve, and as the marketplace expands. We stand ready with and continue to build our platform to handle the growth of this community.

BlockchainBTM, Inc. has built a solid FinCEN-compliant network of BTMs with origins in southern California, USA. We have built two transactional channels: Retail and Institutional. By creating and forming both channels simultaneously, we have been profitable from our first month of operation with a single BTM on location (February 2017).

We are developing a proprietary technique which allows us to identify the best locations in the blockchain marketplace. Moreover, BlockchainBTM, Inc. has existing professional affiliations with access to major national brands, thus providing the us with a unique opportunity to tactically and purposefully place our BTM’s throughout the United States. Additionally, we will be deploying a software solution providing brand reputation and marketing resource support. This software will assist storefront owners in increasing blockchain/cryptocurrency awareness and engagement in and around our physical BTM locations. A natural byproduct of this responsiveness will be enhanced customer foot traffic and increased location revenue potential.

An essential and fundamental element of our strategic plan is to utilize our resources to diversify across the blockchain ecosphere. BlockchainBTM, Inc. continues to develop a strong foothold elsewhere in the blockchain arena by investing in and building additional verticals supported by blockchain technology.

The cash Automated Teller Machine (cash ATM) is 50+ years old. Not only has the cash ATM avoided obsolescence, it has evolved technologically along with our culture while expanding its capabilities to better serve society’s needs. The cash ATM is even more integrated today in how we conduct our lives, becoming a dynamic and significant component in the autonomous mobile and virtual banking arena. In the same way, BlockchainBTM, Inc.’s infrastructure will be an essential servant to this new blockchain economy and the population it supports.

Blockchain technology and its many applications presents a global paradigm shift. And it’s irreversible. This is a once-in-a-generation business opportunity and, yet, blockchain know-how is still in its embryonic stage. Our company is positioned to capitalize on this transformation.

As such, BlockchainBTM, Inc. is the right Company at the right time.