Crypto Community Fights Faketoshi

by Tim Curry

Would the real Satoshi please stand up? Probably not, and that’s why the crypto community is so determined to fight off faketoshis like Craig Wright.

The crypto community fights hard when it comes to legitimacy, especially in cases when people claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The fraudster that’s gotten a lot of attention recently is Craig Wright, a man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto and has been claiming this for a long, long time. There were opportunities that Craig had to prove his statements, but he’s yet to do so.

He uses trickery, deception and things like this, but none of his tricks ever panned out. If he was Satoshi Nakamoto, he could simply sign a private key and prove it to the world. But, he hasn’t proven that yet. Although it’s pretty common knowledge that he was involved in the early development of crypto and probably bitcoin, especially if it was a group of people. However, from everything that we know and the volumes of messages, blogs and comments that are on the Internet, the real  would not act like Craig Wright.

Craig Wright has rightfully earned the name “Faketoshi.” Bitcoin SV, a token created by Craig Wright and his team is an extended version of bitcoin cash, and supposed to stand for “Satoshi Vision.”  Bitcoin SV is promoted as Satoshi Nakamoto’s real vision and what Satoshi would do and how bitcoin is not what Satoshi foresaw, etc. With Bitcoin SV, Craig has created a lot of waves in the industry while upsetting a lot of people. If creating Bitcoin SV was all he did, then who really cares? We could just choose not to pay attention. However, he continues to create quite the fuss in the community. He began sending out threatening and menacing attorney letters and threats of lawsuits for defamation, slander  this sort of thing. So on particular Twitter crypto influencer whom he had attacked who’s very well respected in the industry actually formed what’s called the “Lightning Torch.”

The Lightning Torch is a network that was set up using the lightning network for people who set up nodes to pass the torch, throughout all these different countries and things like that. He’s an activist in the crypto community and has done a lot of good stuff. He has directly called Craig Wright “faketoshi” and said things like this…which everyone else in the industry is saying. But Craig’s people chose to put a bounty on his identity and basically to try to docs him and docs meaning, you know, find exactly who he is and locate him so that they can serve him, paperwork for a lawsuit. What the community did is as soon as they heard that after not tweeted it out is they started tweeting and huddling together to support and protect this person.

This huddle of the community basically went viral, so much so that CZ of Binance, threatened that if Craig Wright didn’t stop it, that he would, potentially delist Bitcoin SV from the exchange. But this didn’t stop Craig Wright. He kept making waves and kept issuing these threats and Binance did actually delist him. That’s a major implication. Not only did Binance delist him,  Erik Vorhees, the CEO of Shapeshift also said that they would probably follow suit and Kraken put out a survey to see whether they should delist Bitcoin SV also. The survey came back with 76% of the vote saying yes.

This is funny, CZ said Craig Wright is not Satoshi and if he keeps us up we will just delist him. And so because of this man’s arrogance and shenanigans, he’s now been kicked off potentially 3 major exchange platforms. Of course that has caused the Bitcoin SV price to drop, and it’s plummet looks like it’s not going to stop However, this is supposed to be a decentralized community and these exchanges take this position that isn’t really centralized control, the current system that we have set up where with central powers that if they don’t like someone, they get rid of him and whatever kicked him out of the banking system, so to speak.

But you’ve got to remember that all of these exchanges really are their own independent companies and corporations. They could do whatever the hell they want and if they don’t think it’s good for business, they can rule in whatever they think is their best interest. So it’s not so much that it’s a centralized issue because when you’re dealing with centralized  then those companies need to act in the best interest of the community. It’s an interesting dichotomy and argument that Craig Wright put himself into. It’ll be fun to see if he just completely disappears or tries to redeem himself somehow. At this point, however, I don’t see how he possibly could.

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