Who Are the Women Leading Blockchain Companies?

Five years ago, if you’d have walked into a Blockchain or Bitcoin event, it’s safe to say 99% of the attendees were men. However, things are changing in this industry. More women are leading companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. I’m featuring 10 women in a two-part blog to highlight the amazing females of the business.


The women listed come from diverse backgrounds in different industries. This is a two-part series of women in blockchain that are not here for gaining fortune, but for the long-term vision of creating a new emerging culture in this disruptive ecosystem.

1) Elizabeth Stark-Lightning network: Co-founder/ CEO of Lightning Network.

“This is a marathon. This is not a sprint,” Stark comments about the success of implementing blockchain technology. I admire her for her expertise, and her drive to create an open-source scalable solution. She is facing head-on the challenges that bitcoin has to overcome, making transaction times faster, and improving efficiency. Her long-term vision and her driven efforts to execute the technology behind it is one that can create a tour-de-force in the blockchain space. Because of her passion in new technology, Stark was surrounded with this amazing people in the tech industry like Charlie Lee of LiteCoin. Lee eventually became an investor in Stark’s company, Lightning Labs. Her pivotal role as a woman in this male-dominated space has led to educational initiatives and inclusivity for women around the world.

2) Dr. Jane Thomason: CEO of Blockchain Quantum Impact.

Dr. Thomason is a leading Blockchain Social Impact & Emerging Markets Advisor. Born & raised in Australia, Dr. Thomason got her masters and PhD. in public health. When her son first introduced her to this decentralized currency system, she was skeptical. But 8 years later, she is a social impact thought leader as recognised by Forbes magazine. Her global efforts include helping developing countries utilize this nascent technology for financial inclusion. Her expertise in research on the sociological impact of blockchain in the impoverished countries, where the citizens have no direct access to capital like banks. As mentioned on her recent post on Linkedin, she will continue to educate and advocate international organisations and governments for the benefits of frontier technology for social impact emerging economies.

3) Susan Poole: Founder of Block bridge Advisory

Poole is the founder of Block bridge Advisory, a blockchain startup advisory firm. She has been in the space for over three years, bridging the gap between business and blockchain. Poole is the former Director of Development for the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the trade association for blockchain based out of Washington D.C. She has a pivotal role in the expansion of blockchain technology as a founder of blockchain training institute. (Source: Crunchbase). She travels around the world as a member of EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum. She advises and with her more than 20 years of being in the tech industry. She knows the importance of blockchain technology.

4) Alexandra Kramer Esq. Lawyer: Blockchain attorney at the CKR Law LLP

Kramer is a former president of IBREA, an organization that utilizes blockchain in the real estate industry. She is the co-founder of Women on the Block, a women’s only Blockchain Conference focused on empowering women in the space. Her move to speak out on the a male dominated industry puts her on the list of “The 50 most daring entrepreneurs” by Entrepreneur.com alongside Cindy Chin.

5) Crystal Rose-Sense : Co-founder and CEO of Sensay, formerly named Sense

Rose-Sense is the Co-founder of Sensay, a decentralized chat built on EOS. It is an encrypted messaging app using artificial intelligence and the EOS blockchain, which is a delegated proof of stake. Her vision for the blockchain industry is to empower the user in
having their identity not taken by a central system. Your identity is your own and the sense of self in the the virtual world is secured in the blockchain. Crystal is one of the top-funded female led blockchain startups in Southern California.( source: Medium)

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