Meet the team

Javad Afshar,


Javad is a senior executive with over 44 years of experience in manufacturing wireless communications software and a number of other high technology and manufacturing industries worldwide. His expertise includes executive level business development sales and marketing export import and finance. Areas of excellence include investment and managing high tech startups and acting as a consultant and advisor to management in a variety of industries and services including telecommunications software development and financial ventures. He has made BlockchainBTM profitable and made revenue since year one. He obtained his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in 1969 from University of Wales Masters in Operational Research and Management from London University Imperial College in 1970 and his DIC from London University Imperial College in 1973.

Andre Szykier,

Chief Technical Officer

Andre is a serial entrepreneur taking on roles of CEO CTO and CIO for several companies and participated in two IPOs in security and data technologies. He has over 30 years experience in space exploration fractal data compression behavioral targeting advertising analytics and cybersecurity. With a polymath experience in numerous disciplines Andre is the designer of the Jigsaw secure data shredding platform that sits at the heart of the UbiVault Fabric security platform. He works with government agencies in the United States NSA NRO TSA and security agencies in the UK and Israel. Andre has spent the bulk of his career in the design and development of advanced technologies for securing managing and protecting critical data for government and business. He was in charge of business and cellular services at Pacific Telesis encryption researcher at Bell Labs and at Lawrence Livermore-Berkeley Labs on the Super Collider project. Andre has a Bachelor of Science in Econometrics from Saint Marys College in California and Masters of Applied Mathematics from U.C. Berkeley.

Yasser Altaweel,

Chief Financial Officer

Yasser is a finance professional serving as the Chief Financial Officer to BlockchainBTM. He also manages and oversees the companys network operations along with serving as the Compliance Officer to ensure all of BlockchainBTMs operations are compliant with FinCEN regulations along with other local and federal institutions. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance then continued to pursue his education. He was awarded a Master of Science in Finance from a university in upstate New York and is now working towards a level 1 CFA certification. While a student he helped manage the Niagara University Pension Fund. He has experience working as a Financial Analysts in a defense and aerospace company as well as experience as a Finance Director for a financial firm. He is also a lifetime member of Beta Gamma Sigma as a top 20 student for masters programs around the world.

Victoria Brodsky,

Chief Operations Officer

Victoria is a Project Director and Business Development Professional with a passion for helping organizations meet their goals. Victoria has worked as a project manager and organizational professional with experience in mobile application technologies blockchain financial services and health wellness and nutrition. She is a motivated self-starter with high attention to detail entrepreneurial mindset and excellent communication skills. Her expertise includes business operations project management PR communication writingediting and online marketing. She received her Bachelor of Science from UC Berkeley in Nutritional Sciences.

Tim Curry,

Chief Global Media and Creative Marketing Officer

Tim is a veteran Bitcoin enthusiast a researcher and writer with a passion for emerging innovations in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Tim has become one of the foremost consumer education awareness proponents in this space. His previous experience in co-producing and marketing the Progression TV Show and Video Magazine series would later inspire the conformation of a crypto-consortium of liberty-minded young entrepreneurs across Africa and abroad. This led to the implementation of the NewAfricaRadio.Net platform. His first crypto-related company ezCoinAccess placed Orange County CAs 1st BTM back in 2014.

Mark Nuovo,

Business Development and Investor Relations

Mark is a career advisor in the financial services arena. He is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Guardian Strategic Wealth Designs a comprehensive wealth management firm focused on providing advanced tax planning solutions to CPA firms and estatetax professionals most sophisticated clientele. Previous career tenure includes advisory positions with Euro Pacific Capital JP Morgan Citi and Wells Fargo. Mark is also a military veteran who is proud to have served the US Navy for 14 years. Mark is an alumnus of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering and also a graduate from the College for Financial Planning as a Chartered Retirement Planning Specialist with an emphasis in Taxation.

Kristine Mallari,

Chief Communications Officer

Kristine former flight attendant for Asiana Airlines in Korea and former Advertising Executive at San Francisco Media has been involved in blockchain technology research since 2017. As the Director of Public Relations she manages all advisor and media outreach including the arrangement and placement of BlockchainBTM machines at local events. Kristine is known for her tenacious drive and wild curiosity with technology and the social impact it can create. Her passion for new emerging technology and the trust that is created within communities has led her to create positive collaboration with key influencers in the space. Kristine has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from a top university in the Philippines.

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